Stinky’s Bait Shack Hosts Songwriters Performance Series

Songwriter Tim Jackson to Perform Wednesdays and Thursdays
Songwriter Performance Series at Stinky's
Live at Stinky's Bait Shack. Photo credit MoonCreek Studios

Tim Jackson, a five-decade veteran musician, songwriter, and performer has partnered with Stinky’s Bait Shack owner, Chef Jim Richard, to create a one-of-a kind listening room experience with the songwriter’s performance series.  Locals know Stinky’s Bait Shack as an eclectic and intimate space for live music, adult beverages, coffee, and of course, bait. The funky little shack offers exceptional acoustics allowing a phenomenal setting for the only listening room on Highway 30A, every Wednesday and Thursday night from 8 pm to 10 pm.

Tim Jackson lives a life filled with extraordinary people, twists of fate, and stories that inspire a wide-ranging body of musical works. His love of his craft, generous nature and willingness to help fellow artists has led to the creation of this intimate music event. Every Wednesday and Thursday night he introduces audiences to talented storytellers sharing their original live music at the Songwriter’s Performance Series. 

Tim Jackson headlines Songwriter Performance Series

Singer/songwriter Tim Jackson
Photo by Sean Murphy

“I am not interested in hit songs or how many awards someone may have. That’s great and all, but what matters most to me is that the storyteller and the audience has a chance to genuinely connect. I have had strangers come to me after a performance to share their own stories in response to something shared on stage. It’s authenticity and purpose we seek beyond fame or fortune,” says Jackson. He has tirelessly procured talent from all over the world to perform for his Songwriters Performance Series. When not performing, Jackson is methodically pacing the shack, expertly balancing the sound system to create the highest-quality performance possible.

“This listening room experience is so cool. We are honored to be the venue and love to share the magic of this event with our loyal Stinky’s fanbase. Having Tim Jackson as a partner and friend is like being connected to the heartbeat of great music,” says owner Chef Jim Richard.

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