BBQ Tools

And a steak built for two


  • When you’re ready to wow your friends, toss a 42-ounce Long Bone Tomahawk Steak on the grill. A Cowboy Steak with about a 12-inch bone left in, this cut of beef makes for an impressive presentation and easily serves two … or three. The USDA Prime steak is dry-aged to create a deep, rich flavor. The Steak Source is a third-generation meat purveyor offering a variety of prime cut-to-order beef as well as domestic lamb and pork chops, shipped cold-packed and never frozen. $85.50 plus shipping,
  • Shish kebab is a practical way to cook a meal, if it weren’t for those skewers that are hard to store and unwieldy to use. The flexible Fire Wire makes the job easier. It rolls up, making it easy to marinate a shish kebab after it’s been assembled and place it on the grill. And as a bonus, each wire holds twice as much food as traditional skewers. $9.99,
  • When prepping and presiding over the grill, it’s helpful to have the right turner for the job. For the big stuff, there’s an extra-heavy-duty turner with a 5-inch-wide blade and a serrated edge that can be used to section ground meat for hamburgers or chop up cheese steak and onions, not to mention flipping steaks and burgers with ease. But when it comes to removing delicate fish filets off the grill without breakage, you’re well served by using a flexible, perforated server. $13.99 and $8.99,
  • Everybody knows the value of a good pair of tongs in the kitchen. Now Dreamfarm has created BBQ Clongs specifically for outdoor barbecues. There’s a lot of function packed in this funky-looking tool: a flat tip to scrape the grill clean, a spike to prick sausages, a sausage skin cutter and waffle heads that make it easy to pick up even the smallest items. By far, the coolest part of the design is the bend in the handles that keeps the business end off the bench when you put the tool down. $29.95,
  • Vertigo Burger & Fries Chef David Gwinn tells us making patties the same size is important for properly cooking a grill full of hamburgers. This 4½-inch diameter hamburger press creates patties quickly and consistently. The aluminum tool features an adjustable knob that allows home cooks to pick the thickness of their burger patty. $15.99,
  • Wire-bristle brushes aren’t the idea way to clean a grill, according to grillmaster Josh Cooper, because the wires can break, stick to the grate and end up in your food. Consider the GrillStone cleaning block, which can be used on hot or cold grates. It’s abrasive, but safe for porcelain enamel, cast iron, stainless steel and steel grates. Even better, the blocks are non-toxic and eco-friendly and made almost completely of “foamed” recycled glass. $4.95,


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