Back Beach Barbecue

Pitmaster Shane Kirkland

Alissa Aryn Photography

Pitmaster Shane Kirkland, Chef/Partner Mark Eichin and Pitmaster Chris Mack

How would you describe the cuisine? Back Beach Barbecue offers a delicious menu highlighted by 12-hour slow cooked meats, simple homemade sides and sauces which are made in-house. An ode to its unpretentious, old-fashioned affection for the classics, Back Beach Barbecue’s menu is simple yet refined with six sides, homemade desserts, wine and beer options, and classic sodas such as Topo Chico and Grapico.

What is your favorite dish and why?  My favorite dish is our Texas Style Brisket Sandwich. Brisket has a nice layer of delicious fat that really ads to its depth of flavor.

How do you measure success?  Success is measured by the happiness of my customers. I like to see their smiles and laughter. If we can introduce our menu to one new customer a day and they enjoy it — that’s a win.

What made you want to pursue this career?  When I was attending college in Panama City, Florida, I was toying around with four majors, one of which was culinary. I never believed I could make a career out of my love for cooking.

What is the most important item in the kitchen?  For what we do at Back Beach Barbecue, our smokers are our most important item. We rely on our Lang BBQ Reverse Flow Smokers for almost every dish we make. Outside of the smokers, my number one item in the kitchen would be my knives.

What inspires/influences your career?  My dad was the original inspiration for my career. He was the first one to show me you could make different things with a variety of ingredients.

Do you have a mentor that inspired you?  Chef Sandor Zambori was a great mentor for me during my time at Gulf Coast State College.

Back Beach Barbecue 19714 Panama City Beach Parkway, Panama City Beach, (850) 249-0822,

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