3 Dogs and a Chick Dog Bakery is A Special Treat for Your Best Friend

From ice cream to cake, there's nothing your furry friend can't have
photo courtesy of 3 dogs & a chick
At 3 Dogs & a Chick in Fort Walton Beach|!!| owner Nicole Cummins runs a bakery and boutique specializing in products for dogs. Her line of homemade baked treats is free of sugar|!!| salt and other substances unhealthy for canines.

photos courtesy of 3 dogs & a chick

At 3 Dogs & a Chick in Fort Walton Beach, owner Nicole Cummins runs a bakery and boutique specializing in products for dogs. Her line of homemade baked treats is free of sugar, salt and other substances unhealthy for canines.

For Nicole Cummins, baking has always been a cherished pastime. Growing up overseas, she recalls learning the art by creating pastries with her British “Nana,” but now she specializes in a different kind of biscuit.

You may know Cummins as the chick from 3 Dogs & a Chick, her doggy bakery and boutique that’s served up tasty treats for pups in the Fort Walton Beach area for over 10 years.

As it turns out, baking for dogs isn’t so different from whipping up goodies for people. Cummins obtains human-grade ingredients from the same vendors where surrounding restaurants buy supplies; only when she bakes, she omits sugar, salt and other substances harmful to our four-legged friends.

“I had a parent call me one time that had left some treats out on the counter, and her little son decided to eat them,” Cummins laughs. “She wanted to know if he was going to be OK, and I told her he was better o  eating those than a box of Oreos!”

But let’s leave the munching and crunching to Fido. When you take them in for a visit, they’ll have the option to mix n’ match every- day treats, like BBQ Squirrels, 4 Cheese Fire Hydrants and Barkin’ Burgers cookies. However, the more refined pooch may prefer the gourmet collection.

These individually iced and decorated delicacies take the form of Peanut Butter Birthday Bones and decadent Granola Cakes.

In fact, special occasions are Cummins’ forte. The bakery frequently serves as a site for local animal rescue adoption fairs, doggy socials and holiday parties.

“One of our biggest events is our annual Easter Egg Hunt,” Cummins said. “Every year, we rent The Landing behind our store and stuff about 2,500 eggs with doggy treats. Of course, with noses like that, eggs are usually devoured in about 60 seconds! But then we have vendors and feature local rescues, so it’s a great day for the whole family.”

Though she caters to dogs, forming relationships with her human customers is most treasured by Cummins.

“All of my staff right now is getting certified in dog nutrition, so oftentimes the community comes to us for advice. Getting to know them and providing a way for their pets to live longer, healthier lives is just wonderful.”

Top Sellers

1. Sampler Pack
“Dogs enjoy the variety of flavors our sampler pack allows and new customers like them too, as they get to see which flavors their dogs enjoy the most. Included in each pack is a box of gourmet dog treats, all freshly baked here in our dog bakery, as well as one 8 ounce variety bag of our everyday favorites.”

2. BBQ Squirrels

“Delicious BBQ flavor in a fun squirrel shape. No squirrels were harmed in the making of this treat. Baked fresh daily.”

3. Doggie Ice Cream

“Our homemade doggie ice cream is a year-round hit. Sugar-free and made with human-grade ingredients, like our treats, this ice cream is perfectly made for your pup. Flavors such as Maple Bacon, Peamutt Butter and Nutty Monkey are favorites.”

4. Birthday Cakes

“No, you’re not the only one who wants to celebrate your dog’s birthday or gotcha day. We bake lots of cakes for local pups who are celebrating their special day. “

5. Cookie Surprise

“These are the perfect size treats for little mouths or for training. They are a combination of our favorite flavors — and each bag is a surprise as to what it contains.”

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