Yogurt! Going Greek

What are the goods behind “the food of the gods”?

The rich, creamy texture of yogurt has enticed mankind since the Roman Empire. In those days, when mixed with honey, the dish was even referred to as the “food of the gods.” 

In modern times, this dairy by-product’s delicious draw has been strengthened by the advent of strained (or as we refer to it in North America, Greek) yogurt. Today, Greek yogurt is everywhere, but just because this Mediterranean treat’s gone corporate doesn’t mean it isn’t still chock full of the protein that won the hearts of foodies worldwide. 

In its natural state, strained yogurt is equipped with roughly double the protein of regular yogurt, plus it has less carbs, less sugar and its mild flavor makes it the perfect substitute in any creamy creation. 

“You can use it in place of sour cream,” explained Susan Benton, food writer and owner of 30Aeats.com. “I love to have tzatziki with Indian and Greek food, especially gyros. It’s so delicious just to add some cucumber and a few spices to the Greek yogurt. You can even throw some feta in […] and have a great dip.”

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