Womens Profiles: Regina K. Jaquess, Pharm.D.

Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy
Photo by Gabriel Heusi / Lima 2019

What do pharmacy and water skiing have in common?

Regina Jaquess has a passion for both. While the commonalities might stop there, these are two halves of Jacquess’ life that make her whole.

She has long called Santa Rosa Beach home after growing up in and on the water.

The first time she put on skis was at the age of 2.

Her parents competed nationally, and Regina and her sister Renee would follow in their parent’s footsteps and exceed them, competing internationally.

For undergraduate and pharmacy school, she attended the University of Louisiana–Monroe.

There were three reasons for attending: Her sister was already at school there, the pharmacy program was prestigious and the campus had a water ski team dynasty.

The sisters won six college nationals together.

Neither were simply college pastimes as she has made rewarding careers of both.

Upon graduation, Jaquess opened her own pharmacy — Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy.

“One of the things I’m proudest of and thankful for is coming home to Santa Rosa Beach and being able to open my own pharmacy here where I can personally interact with all of the customers and the doctors,” said Jaquess.

“Because my pharmacy is so personal and community-centric, I really get to know what works best for each patient and work with them to achieve their prime health.”

Jaquess caters to a triage relationship, in which the patient, doctor and pharmacist all communicate in order to fulfill the patients health needs with the fewest side effects and the
most benefits.

Where her pharmacy is thriving, Jaquess is also making major waves in the world of competitive water skiing.

She holds 12 world records, 10 world titles and countless international and professional wins.

She has held the World Slalom Record since 2009, bettering that record eight times over the past 10 years — the most recent being in July of 2019, when she again eclipsed her previous record. Regina continues to be the most dominant slalom skier in the world.

“These two parts of my life are totally separate but entwined because of my incredible support system,” said Jaquess.

“My family, my friends, my pharmacy team and my ski sponsors are so supportive of both roles. I am grateful to those that got me to this level, because I wouldn’t be where I am without them.”



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