Weight Loss Can Require a Customized Approach

Courtesy of Emerald Coast Weight Loss

Pamela Hudson before and after

Pamela Hudson of Niceville was one of these silent sufferers, and she felt like her weight was preventing her from living her life the way she wanted. Constantly tired and feeling bad in general, she felt like her life was over. She wanted to change her life, and after countless diets and workout routines failed to give her the results she desired, she decided to give it one more try with local weight loss expert, Dr. Scott Ewing DC, and his team at Emerald Coast Weight Loss

During Pamela’s first program, she lost 44 pounds. Even more impressive than that, she went on to lose more than 100 pounds with Emerald Coast Weight Loss’s proven system of customization, support and education.

“Too often, people see weight loss as a simple formula of calories in versus calories out, so they simply focus on how much they're eating and expect results,” said Dr. Ewing. “The truth is that what you're putting into your body matters just as much as how much of it you are consuming. Everyone responds to different foods differently based upon their unique body and genetics. For example, everyone pretty much assumes that broccoli is good for you.

“Mom always said you had to eat it for that very reason, so we all have that assumption embedded in our thought processes. The reality is, however, that broccoli could actually be a vegetable that triggers a fat storage response in your body rather than a fat burning response. We give people a customized list of the foods best fit for their body and those to avoid or eat infrequently. People not being armed with the knowledge of what works best for their individual body is a definite detriment to their chances of achieving their weight loss goals.”

Pamela’s struggle to lose weight was caused by multiple factors, so the program needed to assess her specific body type, metabolism and response to certain foods in order to tailor a program that would suit her goals. The customization offered by Emerald Coast Weight Loss, paired with the support of follow-up visits and education she could use at home, allowed her to surpass her goals and get to a state of contentment and pride with her body. 

Courtesy of Emerald Coast Weight Loss

Dr. Scott Ewing

“The health benefits of being at a healthy weight are enormous,” said Dr. Ewing. “According to the National Institute on Health (NIH), individuals who are obese have a much higher risk of developing health complications such as coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and even certain types of cancers. These conditions can be very problematic on their own, and dealing with them also often means spending lots on money of prescription medications that could have dangerous side effects. Another thing to note is the difference that many patients remark in the way they feel once they lose weight. We often hear about people having more energy to keep up with their children and grandchildren, feeling more comfortable in their own skin or just feeling younger overall.”

Because the program works, it gives patients a guarantee. “We guarantee most patients who do our normal plan that they will lose at least 20 pounds,” said Dr. Ewing. “If they haven't lost the weight in the traditional timeframe, we extend their program at our cost until they reach the 20-pound threshold.”

Call (844) 441-THIN to schedule a consultation and body composition analysis – a baseline assessment of your body’s current metabolism and fat storage. You can also schedule online at EmeraldCoastWeightLoss.com. Mention this blog, and you’ll get the initial consultation and a body composition analysis for just $27 (a $99 value)!