Walking Tall

Lawrence Davidson

For The Fun Connection entertainer Zak Asiago, the key to success is seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

“To a child, nothing is impossible,” says the multi-talented man on stilts. His youthful voice belies his 44 years, enthusiastic as he convincingly explains his towering height to an inquisitive child. “Drink all your milk, eat all your vegetables and clean your room to get this tall,” he says, not missing a beat. 

Although he has children charmed, his ultimate goal is to entertain everyone. As the owner of The Fun Connection, Zak has honed the art of entertaining, performing magic tricks, crafting elaborate balloon sculptures, painting faces and walking tall on stilts. If you imagine it, Zak’s mission is to make it happen. “Nothing is too strange. You can ask for a tap-dancing kangaroo on roller-skates, and I might be able to find it for you.”

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