The Life of a Kayak Fisherman

The Ultimate Fishing Challenge
Scott Holstein

Five years ago, Patrick Tarpey relocated to Santa Rosa Beach from Las Vegas after the alluring emerald waters had him hooked. Inspired by his surroundings, Tarpey took up kayak fishing as a hobby, which quickly evolved into a business that’s been his passion ever since.

Tarpey owns Slow & Low Coastal Outfitters and has offered fishing adventures in both the Gulf and the bay from Panama City to Destin for the past three years.

During a kayak fishing expedition with Tarpey, one can expect to encounter sea turtles (sometimes the size of Volkswagens), massive sunfish, manta rays and dolphins.

“You become a part of the aquatic environment as opposed to being an invader,” Tarpey said.

 Large catches that he and his guests have made include sailfish nearing the length of a kayak and tarpon weighing 140 pounds. Tarpey likened the hefty reel-ins to a “Florida sleigh ride.”

This professional waterman recently expanded his business’ adventurous offerings with the addition of paddleboard fishing.

“It’s the challenge,” he said of what makes the experience so memorable.

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