Tailgate Grub

  Tailgate GrubTailgate Grubby Wendy O. Dixon

In the South, fall means football, friends and food. Serve up some winning tailgate recipes this football season by letting your favorite team inspire your menu. Florida State University fans love to sink their teeth into boneless Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip. Ole Miss alums tackle their guests’ appetites with pulled-pork barbecue sandwiches, while LSU grads boast about their Cajun shrimp boil. University of Florida fans say a grilled flatbread pizza satisfies a multitude of tastes with its endless variety of toppings.

University of Alabama devotees say boiled peanuts are a football party hit. “But we also love finger-licking ribs,” says ’Bama fan Julie Turner, who picks up Dreamland ribs, a favorite in Tuscaloosa, Ala., to bring to her tailgate parties. If you can’t get to Dreamland, they will deliver to your doorstep. “And you must sop up the last drop of Dreamland’s famous barbecue sauce with white bread,” says Turner.

Auburn Tiger alumna Brandy Barrett never attends a tailgate party without her “Mexicorn dip,” a Mexican corn dip served with tortilla chips or corn chips. “Whether watching the game at home or on campus at your tailgate, this Mexican corn dip is always a crowd pleaser,” Barrett says.