Super Service

Photo by Scott HolsteinSuper Service

Christmas presents have been thoughtfully selected, wrapped and mailed. Date night concert tickets are in hand. Kids are with the grandparents. And your hair? Let’s just say you’re having a really good day. Yes, the “S” on your chest does stand for super but even the most fabulous mom needs a little help. Faster than a speeding bullet, personal errand services are designed to keep our super-human strength from waning.

Ace Courier & Delivery Services, based in Fort Walton Beach, is a local errand service with an arsenal of every day stress-busting abilities. From picking up and delivering your child’s birthday cake to waiting for the air conditioning repairman from morning until whenever, Ace Courier is prepared to help with just about any personal errand request. “Not a dull moment,” says co-owner Angie Chandler. “We never know from day to day what someone might need or want.”   

Handling life’s little things is work. Turn in the cape and turn on the bat signal. It’s OK. Chandler assures, “We get a lot of desperate people.” — Lorraine Christen