Snapshot: YUM-EEZ

Photo by Scott Holstein
YUM-EEZ Things Come in Itty Bitty Packages or Ice Cream: YUM!

Vonn and Andrea Plunk of Santa Rosa Beach have engineered a cool way to enjoy America’s favorite frozen treat. Introducing: YUM-EEZ Itty Bitty Ice Cream MINI. In their free time, Vonn, an engineer, and Andrea, an architect, sell ice cream and popsicles along the Emerald Coast out of a customized 2004 MINI Cooper.

A tall man with boyish charm, Vonn Plunk hopes he will scoop up more business and eventually put down his slide ruler forever. “This is a fun way to earn a living. Lord willing, I will be able to do it full time soon,” he says.

As if dishing out ice cream out of a MINI car isn’t novel enough, Vonn Plunk says YUM-EEZ’s soundtrack of Calypso steel drum and island music is the cake topper of his business. “Kids really respond to the music. They limbo and dance to the beat,” he says. He also tries to keep his prices low, charging $3 for the most expensive dessert. “I’m thanked for not charging an arm and a leg.”

Only the “cream” of ice cream brands makes it into the YUM-EEZ freezer. Ben & Jerry’s, Good Humor, Klondike, Screwball and SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles are among the best sellers.

Look for YUM-EEZ Itty Bitty Ice Cream MINI at local community events. For a schedule of upcoming events and more information on how you can make your next party a little cooler, call (850) 399-0434 or visit — Zandra Wolfgram