Q & A: Executives

What Execs Admit Out of the Office

We asked and they answered. Nearly 20 executives attending the 2010 Walton County Leadership Summit at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort were quizzed on their guilty pleasures, whether they text while driving, and what vice they’d like to shake. Here’s what they told us:

Where did you go on your last vacation?
“Puerto Vallarta.” “Italy.” “Aruba.”
“San Diego.” “Miramar Beach.”
“New York City.” “Napa Valley.” “Chicago.” “Florida Keys.” “New Orleans.” “Orlando.” “Australia.” “Bermuda.” “South Beach.” “Mexico.” “Pensacola Beach.”

Do you hire a house-cleaning service?
53% Yes
47% No
Did you text and drive this week?
64% Yes
36% No

Did you go on Facebook or look at your e-mail during the meeting?
72% Yes
28% No

Did you earn a bonus this year?
23% Yes
77% No

What is your favorite guilty pleasure television program?
“Desperate Housewives.” “The Amazing Race.” “Grey’s Anatomy.” “American Idol.” “Jersey Shore.” “The Venture Brothers.”
“True Blood.” “South Park.” “The Closer.”
“The Young and Restless.” “Iron Chef.”
“Rock of Love.” “Dancing with the Stars.”

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about yourself what would it be?
“I would be more patient.” “Spend more time with the ones I love.” “Nothing. My wife loves everything about me.” “I’d be more loving and giving.” “That I could sing.”  “Become more humble.” “Lose 30 pounds.” “I’d be in better athletic shape.” “I’d be more relaxed.” “Absolutely nothing. I love myself.” “Take more time to think before speaking.” “I’d be 20 years younger.” “I’d like to be taller.”
“To be healthier.” “I’d be more organized.”

What vice would you like to give up?
“Smoking.” “Alcohol/Wine.” “Recreational shopping.” “Coffee.” “Procrastination.” “Excessive consumption of alcohol.” “Facebook.” “Junk Food.” “Sweets.” “Being
a perfectionist.” “Late-night snacks.” “Work.”


ON THE RECORD  The business leaders we interviewed were (left to right, top to bottom) Kay Rasmussen, Dewayne Youngblood, Mike Herbermann, Jeff Helms, Valencia Williamson, Kitty Whitney, Dawn Moliterno, Myra Williams, Roger Hall, Julie Cotton, John Russell and Scott Russell. Not pictured: Elizabeth Brannon, Eileen Burick, Tom Huchins, Mike Kapotsy, Penny Jackson, Todd Whitney, Cecilia Jones and Mike Lawson.