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30A Plastic Surgery talks fat grafting, a procedure to restore volume
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There’s a reason baby cheeks are regarded as pinchable — they are plumped with new-born volume. As we age, we lose this enviable volume, particularly in the cheeks, the lips and around our eyes. To restore that youthful volume, a procedure called fat grafting has become increasingly popular.

Facial fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure that is the most highly proven way to restore central face volume. Instead of using fillers or implants, the procedure involves injecting your own natural living fat tissue. As a result, this procedure is natural, less invasive and provides noticeable results.

Dr. David Chandler, MD of 30A Plastic Surgery, consults with patients in order to assess what is bothering the patient about their appearance and how to best fix it. Most commonly, his patients are seeking volume in their cheeks, eyelids and lips.

Patients will often undergo a facelift with fat grafting, which provides a plethora of results. A facelift repositions and removes excess skin, and fat grafting restores volume to those areas. Dr. Chandler reports that this pairing is a standard means of achieving youthful volume and setting back the clock as much as possible.


David Chandler, MD

The procedure occurs under general anesthesia. Liposuction is performed to harvest the fat from anywhere on the body the patient no longer wants it. It is processed to get the highest percentage of healthy cells possible. The fat is then injected into the face using a cannula syringe. The use of this blunt instrument is a safer means of injection.

A facelift and fat grafting are often performed at the same time. Dr. Chandler also has many patients opt for fat grafting who are younger and may not necessarily need a facelift but want the volume of a filler without having to continue doing it every six months.

Dr. Chandler has years of experience doing hundreds of procedures using fat grafting. He began utilizing it in facial reconstructions and breast reconstructions for women with mastectomies.

“It requires a high level of artistry, but beginning in reconstructions was an easy transition in learning how to use fat grafting in an aesthetic setting,” said Dr. Chandler. “It’s optimal for taking a number of years off and achieving desired results.”


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