Publisher's Letter

A New EC Designed Especially for YouBy Brian Rowland

Several mentors have repeated the same mantra to me over the past decade as I’ve worked to guide and develop this publishing company. Although it was said in many different ways, the message reduced to the bottom line simply states: Surround yourself with talented professionals, provide them with the guidance and tools needed to succeed, empower them to attain tangible goals — then stand back and let them do their job.

The key is to set up a series of milestones to “inspect what you expect” and provide ongoing support, guidance and affirmation. Their talent, coupled with their innate quest for excellence, will allow this company to exceed its goals and expectations for success and growth.

In my last column I shared with you the creative editorial journey of Emerald Coast Magazine, and with this issue I humbly present a publication that has been editorially and creatively redesigned. In this issue you will see major changes, from our EC nameplate to new departments to the way we present our stories. And for just an extra touch, you’ll even notice a very tiny EC at the end of each story.

This has been a team effort and I want to recognize the talented individuals at Rowland Publishing who pushed their professional envelope to bring our look and content to a new level of excellence.

Our newest team member is EC editor Zandra Wolfgram. Her first request to me was to embark on a research project to find out what readers want in our magazine — and then to be willing to embrace change.

The community spoke, we listened and Zandra jumped into the task of reinventing our editorial line-up.

Next came the re-design stage and the difficult task of developing a fresh, new look. Beth Nabi, a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, embraced the challenge. Her innate talent for design, coupled with support from veteran creative director Larry Davidson, resulted in the fine piece of intricate artwork you have before you today.

The words and creative layouts have come alive through the lens of staff photographer Scott Holstein, an extremely talented professional I like to think of as a young male version of Annie Lebowitz. He brings the words to life by capturing the soul and personality of his subjects. Scott collaborated with Tisha Keller, our art director, a stickler for detail and overall visual excellence.

I urge you to page through EC several times before you read the stories, to get a feel for the imagery and the creative visual energy. Then allow the content — which are all our original stories, written by professional journalists — to draw you deeper into the magazine.

This is fine publishing work done by experienced professionals who have done their best to reflect the Emerald Coast region — its people and lifestyle — for your reading pleasure.

We want you to enjoy the new EC – The Emerald Coast Magazine. We are, as always, staying true to our company motto: Current. Quotable. Well Read.

We have worked hard to bring you our best. I look forward to hearing your feedback.