One to Watch: Libby Baker

One to Watch: Libby Baker

She loved playing house as a child, and now as an adult she is playing designer for some of the nicest homes across the Emerald Coast. Libby Baker, an up-and-coming interior designer for Spy Lifestyle, has already made her mark in Alys Beach, The Retreat and Seagrove.

After growing up in Jackson, Miss., Baker attended the University of Mississippi, receiving her undergraduate degree in interior design. She briefly worked for York Development Group. Her work for York led her to Destin in 2006, where she landed a job with York’s satellite company, Spy Lifestyle.

“I try to live a Spy lifestyle,” says Baker, 26. “We have a very eclectic look — comfortable but not too pretentious. Spy Lifestyle is about putting our spin on it so that is has that warm, inviting feeling, a generational look as if the things in the house have been collected over time.”

Baker typically lets her clients lead the way when it comes to designing their home.

“I let the clients’ daily lives dictate how I design spaces,” she says. “I want things to be functional first and look good all in the same sense.”

Using a mixture of low budget/high style and high budget/high style when designing a home, Baker calls this a “high-low design concept.” One day, she hopes to apply this concept to her very own design show on national television.

“I’d like to help people on more than just an individual basis,” Baker says.

With her stunning creativity and innovation, it is no surprise that Baker’s work has gotten noticed in the Emerald Coast community. — Daniel Mutter