Oh, the Distractions

Oh, the DistractionsBy Wendy O. Dixon, Editor

I confess. I sometimes become easily distracted from my work since joining Facebook and Twitter. I suppose I don’t have to confess. You would be none the wiser.

But I will confess, because that’s what we do now that we have these types of social networks to use as our mode of expression. We confess everything, celebrate every football victory and gripe about the cable guy not showing up on time. We tag friends in photos, talk about what we’re eating for breakfast and invite people to join in a common political interest. We post cute puppy videos and comment on the latest episode of “Glee.” While it’s wonderful to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues via the Web, sometimes I feel like it’s a case of TMI.

One of my Facebook friends posted the “Whack-A-Kitty” video, which was so funny I watched it three times. Of course, when I clicked the link to the video from Facebook, it took me to YouTube, which led me to watch “Whack-A-Kitty Part 2,” and after that, “Kitten Coffee Cup,” which shows a teensy-weensy kitten peeking out of a coffee mug. Well, you know what I’m talking about. You do it too, right? One distraction leads to another and then another, and then what have you got? TMI.

I have a few friends who are Facebraggers. You know, the ones who use their Facebook status updates to tell everyone how awesome they are. Some examples from Facebook friends: “Stephanie (some names have been changed to protect the braggarts) ran five miles on Tuesday at 5:45 a.m. with a pace of 7 minutes 13 seconds per mile.” Now really, who wants to hear about Stephanie’s crack-of-dawn, seven- minute-mile pace? That’s just showing off. Or this one: “Taylor is just chillin’, doing nothing. Maybe I’ll get a mani-pedi and a massage.” Must be nice.

One thing I do love about Facebook is being able to support a charitable cause. I was thrilled to see the photos from DESTINation Cure’s Avon Walk in New York. (Check out its Facebook fan page at DESTINation Cure.) These ladies walked 39 miles over a two-day period in New York City for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in October. Guess what? They surpassed their $5,400 goal and raised $5,611 through pledges and fundraising efforts.

As for Twitter, I’m a novice. Maybe I’ll catch on and start tweeting, but I just don’t have the time. I have to fit some work in sometime during the day, for crying out loud!

I’m sure you are already a fan of Emerald Coast Magazine on Facebook and a follower on Twitter. But just in case you’re not and you need one more distraction, check us out at facebook.com/emeraldcoast and twitter.com/emeraldcoastmag. We update both pages regularly and appreciate your feedback, comments, tweets, or whatever you call them.