Melody Maker

Photo by Scott Holstein
Melody Maker

Seagrove Beach resident Kelsey Anna Johnson, whose stage name is Kelsey Anna, began songwriting after her relationship with her first true love ended.

The 20-year-old songwriter and musician will be one of the many talented artists performing and sharing the personal stories behind her music at the 30A Songwriters Festival, Jan. 13–15.

Johnson’s heartfelt lyrics and melodic voice is catching the attention of many. Recently a finalist for the television talent show “The X Factor,” she wasn’t discouraged that she didn’t make it on TV. She’s now focused on growing and evolving her musical style, which she describes as “a little folk, a little funky and a little country.” She is also looking forward to performing some of her new songs, including “Cold Heart” and “Remedy,” at this year’s festival.

Johnson will join talented artists from across the nation, ranging from Shawn Mullins to Amy Ray and Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls, at the third annual event.  

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