Little Things Enhance Our Lives

Little Things Enhance Our Lives

By Wendy O. Dixon, Editor

Living in luxury doesn’t have to mean spending summers in the Hamptons and winters in Aspen. Driving a flashy Aston Martin? Nah … I’ll leave that to James Bond.

For many of us, a pedicure, a round of golf or even a nap beats the thrill of a private jet any day. Though most of us wouldn’t dream of spending our hard-earned money on a Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion or a $5,000 Evian Bath, we can see how our little splurge on a bouquet of gorgeous white calla lilies helps make life more pleasurable.

What’s your little luxury? Do you enjoy being outdoors, getting your hands dirty in the garden and reaping the rewards of your labor, like one area college president? Or do you savor precious time in your favorite room in the house, like a local CEO?

Perhaps you consider paddle boarding your luxury, like the owners of a popular coffee shop. Maybe you truly enjoy exercising, like the general manager, who considers his time spent at the gym a retreat from his hectic career, or the attorney who melts away stress through yoga. These are the rare souls who look forward to working out. I, on the other hand, look forward to the very last minute of my three-mile run, when I can say, “I’m done for the day.”

But after reading their stories, you may change your perspective, like I did.

Curious about what my boss deems a luxury, I asked him. For Brian Rowland, president of Rowland Publishing, there’s nothing quite like getting his car professionally cleaned after long business trips. For him, stepping into a freshly cleaned car takes away the duty of getting the bugs off the windshield, and makes him feel ready for the next marathon of meetings.

My colleague, Tallahassee Magazine Editor Rosanne Dunkelberger, gets a cheap thrill from party ice.

“I love the clear cubes,” she says. “It makes every drink better.”

Emerald Coast Magazine Associate Editor Ashley Kahn is an adventuresome spirit, and she says novelty is her luxury. She makes an effort to try something new once a week, whether it’s mastering a tricky culinary skill or sampling the latest magnifying mascara.

What’s my little luxury? Wearing my oh-so-comfy pajamas while lounging on the couch, watching a great Audrey Hepburn movie and eating a big bowl of ice cream.

If you have no tiny indulgences you look forward to every so often, this is the perfect issue to find one. Check out our “Little Luxuries” feature to learn about what your Emerald Coast neighbors are doing to celebrate life in little ways.

But don’t stop there; we have a multitude of luxuries in which you can indulge – from the best place to watch the sunset to the best steakhouse – in our annual unveiling of the “Best Of the Emerald Coast” listings.
We invite you to join us as we honor the winners of Emerald Coast Magazine’s 2008 Best Of the Emerald Coast awards at this year’s “Best Of” event, which will be held at Destin Commons on Saturday, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m.

Indulge in this issue, and remember to relish your little luxury this week. Write to us to tell us what you look forward to every week. I know you’ve got something.