Here’s How to Avoid The Dad Bod

A few things you can do to keep your physique tight
Photo by GlobalStock / Getty Images Plus

Ah, 25.

The peak of a man’s strength and his physique at its finest!

After 25, aging is a continuous downward spiral.

Our muscle mass tends to diminish, the calories needed each day decreases, and the cushion around the waist steadily grows.

Our job likely becomes more mental and less physical. Who’s going to put a 22-year-old in charge of anything important?

At 35, you have learned your job so well that your company promotes you into management.

Consequently, you are less active and have frequent meetings with clients and other managers that feature food.

And since you are making more money, you can afford fancier food that has more calories.

Finally, eating with the kids makes the high-calorie diet worse by adding foods rich in carbohydrates and fats like macaroni and cheese, and French fries.

Some guys are genetically lucky and can eat whatever and whenever and they still remain thin. But, that is not the norm.

Remember those love handles that your older male relatives sported at the beach that you said you would never have?

Now you have them. You saw your future self, but you did not think those love handles would happen to you.

Instead of displaying the family spare tire, consider liposuction to improve the fit of your clothes and the shape of your physique.

Liposuction works well for those areas that do not respond to diet and exercise and are genetic in nature.

Cut out the kid food. No sugar or cream in your beverages — there are 450 calories in a margarita, 590 calories in a chocolate caramel macchiato.

Eat the low-fat protein (filet versus ribeye, grilled chicken not fried). And finally, avoid pasta, rice and potatoes.

After you lose that weight, those bulges that are genetic in nature or do not go away can be treated with liposuction.