Golf Tournament to Benefit the Rita Lehman Fund

Golf Tournament, Hosted by Burnt Pine Golf Club at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort

Friday, September 6th at 1:30 pm | $250 per player

4-person scramble • sign up as a team or individual
100% of entry fee goes to the Rita Lehman Fund. Checks made out to: Rita Lehman Fund/Destiny Worship Center


In 2006, Rita Lehman was diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been involved in a seven-year battle that we thought was won. She was physically touched by God and has been improving since 2008. However, in February of this year she began having neck pain. It quickly escalated to an emergency room visit in March where we discovered her C2 vertebra had been so eroded by a lesion that she was in imminent danger of internal decapitation. She was life-flighted to Shands Hospital at the University of Florida to have her skull fused to her C4 vertebra. A biopsy revealed the lesion to be malignant. The prognosis with chemo and radiation is not optimistic, offering only some extension of life.

This long battle has left them financially drained. They have used all of their retirement and savings, not to mention a second mortgage that is culminating in their house going to auction. They have been told that she does not have much time left to win this fight. It can reach a point of no return and they are within weeks.

Treatment protocol is a blend of conventional therapy and alternative therapies, such as targeted gene therapy and stem cell replacement. It is hard to know exactly how much the total cost will be as it is based on her response to treatment. Estimates have been in the $95,000 range.

Please pray also for them to receive strength. After five months of this, they are all exhausted. Regardless, they are in serious need of funds to continue treatment. The doctors here are now not as confident as they previously were that they can eradicate the disease. Her best chance for survival and quality of life may be with a doctor in Korea.

They are in need of continuing financing to continue treatment. Please give and pray generously that they will be able to proceed either here or in Korea as The Lord leads you to provide.

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