From the Publisher

The Heart of Rowland Publishing

By Brian Rowland, Publisher 

As the year draws to a close with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, my thoughts go to the many people who are part of my personal and business life. Without these folks, life would have such little meaning.

On this page you will see the people whose talents and commitment to excellence brings you Emerald Coast Magazine and the many other titles we publish throughout Northwest Florida. There are many moving parts in the publishing industry. Each part must be processed individually and then integrated into an invisibly moving assembly line at a precise moment. Each of these individuals possesses a unique talent in the publishing industry and works with a never-ending, ticking deadline clock to bring you a quality Emerald Coast Magazine on time, six times a year.

First and foremost is my chief operating officer, Kim Howes, who works tirelessly in sync with me on all fronts, managing this company and tending to the emotional needs of my staff.

Due to a specific state regulation, exactly 50 percent of the pages of each issue are advertising and the other half is editorial content. Our editorial staff and interns provide you with the 45,000 well-crafted words in each issue. Our creative and production team bring those pages to life with their brilliant design and photographic talent. Our team of 10 sales representatives interact with our customers to help them showcase their business “brand” in the space where they have invested their hard-earned dollars.

Behind the scenes, we have a team of customer services representatives, ad traffic coordinators and receptionists. Our finance department manages the bills we send out each year – gratefully processing those paying on time, chasing those who do not and paying of all Rowland Publishing bills on time, every time.

I am also thankful for all the employees who have passed through my doors. My best wishes to all those who have come and gone for the experience of working together.

Now let’s look outside the walls of Rowland Publishing. I’m grateful for our investors … the advertising community who provide the dollars to fuel the publishing machine; strategic vendor partners, such as The Printing House, TCB Marketing, ElectroNet, our CPA Ken Saxon, Apple Enterprises, our copy editor Barry Ray, Bill Needham, our consultants and our banks, Vicki (who keeps our office spotless), and all the others whose prompt services to our corporate needs keep us moving forward at terabyte speed. Our readers … yes, you who are holding this issue right now and patronize the advertisers, and – last but never least – my wife, Cherie, who keeps this entrepreneur grounded and centered.

So look below and join me in appreciation of the many faces of Rowland Publishing as we all wish you and all those you love and appreciate a wonderful holiday season.


Who Are We?

From top, left to right: Julie Dorr (Account Executive, Emerald Coast Products), Tisha Keller (Senior Graphic Designer), Lynn Kandler (Account Executive, Bay Life Magazine), Amanda Broadfoot (Editor, Bay Life Magazine), Bonnie Lewis (Senior Graphic Designer), Jason Dehart (Staff Writer), Lori Eckert (Editor, Emerald Coast Magazine), Barbara Angel (Account Executive, Emerald Coast Products), Howell “Tuck” Tucker (Senior Graphic Designer/Network Administrator), Rebecca Calabrese (Traffic Coordinator, Emerald Coast Products), Ashley Kahn (Editorial Coordinator), Lawrence Davidson (Creative Director), Christie McClelland (Client Services Manager), Shannon Grooters (Traffic Coordinator, Tallahassee Products), Carlin Trammel (Production Coordinator), Daniel Vitter (Graphic Designer), Kim Howes (Chief Operating Officer), Beth Nabi (Graphic Designer), Lori Magee (Sales Executive, Tallahassee Products), Marc Thomas (Graphic Designer), Larry Pilkington (Sales Director, Tallahassee Products), Gina Davidson (Sales Executive, Tallahassee Products), Scott Holstein (Staff Photographer), Melinda Lanigan (Production Director), McKenzie Burleigh (Assistant Staff Accountant), Linda Powell (Senior Sales Executive, Tallahassee Products), Rosanne Dunkelberger (Editor, Tallahassee Magazine), Angela Jarvis (Staff Accountant), Nick MacCollum (Account Executive, Emerald Coast Products), Rhonda Simmons (Account Executive, Emerald Coast Products), Saige Roberts (Assistant Creative Director), Karen Bridges (Receptionist), Jessica Hathorn (Account Executive, Emerald Coast Products)