Cosmetic Vein & Laser Center

After completing her residency at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Dr. Kimberly Moskowitz moved to the Emerald Coast with a passion to provide our beaches with the most innovative non-surgical treatments for skin and veins.   

“Personal and professional integrity, meticulous attention to detail, and unrequited kindness are the qualities that best define me as a physician,” she says. She has a naturally sunny and funny personality and a relatable heart-on-her-sleeve love for people. Dr. Moskowitz’s open personality and meticulous attention to detail reveal themselves as you enjoy her 5,000 square foot European-designed office. Her office, an extension of her heart, is graced with 300-year-old wood-beams, Italian chandeliers, authentic French doors, fountains, layered venetian plaster, hand decorated frames, artwork, and chocolate…there is always chocolate!

Her reputation, experience, and compassion attract patients from around the world as she has successfully performed over 10,000 EVLT procedures for non-surgical closure of varicose and spider veins.  Dr. Moskowitz combines EVLT with sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, and lasers to keep legs feeling healthy and looking beautiful. “People come to my office every day and say to me, ‘My legs ache and burn and swell at the end of the day’ or ‘I’m starting to feel old when I look in the mirror,’” she reports. “It’s extremely gratifying to know that I have the knowledge, experience, and technology to help them look and feel better about themselves. I love the diversity of my career; it’s a perfect gift, and I never take it for granted.”