Blessed and Blooming

Scott Holstein

Imagine stepping out of your car to be greeted by a winding brick walkway leading to a gift shop so thoughtfully designed you could lose track of time perusing its shelves. Ahead, charming architecture overflows with a seasonal selection of foliage that would impress even the most avid gardener. 

Sound like the perfect plan for your day? It’s just a typical afternoon at Clay Gardens Gifts & Blessings in Santa Rosa Beach, owned and operated since Easter of 2012 by founder Anna Lisa Daniel. 

At Clay, you can take a stroll through the fragrant, enchanted grounds of this cheery cottage-turned-garden shop for a remarkably delightful outing. You’ll quickly see why so many along 30A give this garden getaway a “green” thumbs up. Located in Seagrove Beach, the charm and tranquility of this quaint, nature lover’s dream boutique is undeniable. Full of local artistry with a back-to-basics vibe, you’ll find everything from blooming annuals to decoratively preserved wreaths and meticulously formed pottery.

“Our shop and garden are special,” beamed Daniel. “A lot of our customers find it cathartic.” 

One of the shop’s specialties is container gardening, or creatively potted plants. By using their clay pottery as a vibrant foundation, Daniel and her team are able to answer the challenge of native gardening through carefully placed color and variety. 

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