Best of the Emerald Coast Cover Answers Revealed!

We put together the most recent cover of EC Magazine by sending our staff photographer around the area to take photos of some our “Best of the Emerald Coast” winner’s signs. We then chose 21 letters and carefully crafted them together to create a unique representation of the winning businesses.

Perhaps you see these signs everyday, but out of context, did you recognize all the letters? If you were struggling with one, two or even all of them, then struggle no more. Listed below are the 21 signs we sourced for our cover.

How many did you guess correctly?


Bistro Bijoux
“B” from Bistro Bijoux

Eye Gallery
“E” from Eye Gallery

“S” from Seagar’s

Today's Boutique
“T” from Today’s Boutique

Harbor Docks
“O” from Harbor Docks

French Laundry
“F” from The French Laundry

“T” from Sandestin

Sacred Heart
“H” from Sacred Heart Hospital

D'Luxe Limos
“E” from D’Luxe Limos

Legendary Marine
“E” from Legendary Marine

Marlin Grill
“M” from Marlin Grill

Sunset Shoes
“E” from Sunset Shoes

Red Bar
“R” from Red Bar

“A” from avantgarde

Beautiful Lights
“L” from Beautiful Lights

Design Ave
“D” from Design Avenue

Fat Clemenza's
“C” from Fat Clemenza’s

“O” from Osaka

“A” from AJ’s

Sporty Lady
“S” from Sporty Lady

Harry T's
“T” from Harry T’s

Photos by Scott Holstein