An Easy Sell

This home hit the real estate trifecta, with a mix of ample curb appeal, convenient location and in-house amenities.

Despite being lavish in appearance with its romantic, Mediterranean-inspired architecture and grand entryway, this listing was actually marketed as a practical home for a successful, up-and-coming young family. 

“It had really been upgraded,” explained listing agent John Cook of Coldwell Banker on the buyer’s motivation to purchase. “It was a great family home. [The buyers] were a fairly young family with three small kids who were just looking for something along that order. They had looked at several other properties I had listed as well, but that was the one. The lady of the house seemed to really like it.”

The home, built in 2004, had been well maintained and updates had been routinely implemented — two factors that quickly endeared potential buyers. Of course, the golf course view, swimming pool and hot tub, plus a three-car garage and wine cellar didn’t hurt either. The impressive combination of realistic amenities helped get this Augusta Cove property under contract after a mere two months on the market.

According to Cook, there’s something to be learned from this listing’s good fortune. 

“I think the house was well priced and was in good condition,” stated Cook. “I think those are the two most important attributes if you want to go ahead and sell a property rather than just list it and let it sit there.”

Quick Look:
List Price: $875,000
Sold For: $815,000
Square Feet:  4,040
Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 4

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