A Taste For …

A Taste For …by Zandra Wolfgram

Hey, bartender! Yes, we’re talking to you. With great bar accoutrement readily available at local home furnishing or kitchen stores, you can easily stock your own bar cart with everything you need to pour on great chemistry at your next party. Here are 10 thirst-quenching reasons your friends and family will love to belly up to your home bar.

1. Jigger — measure well for the perfect pour every time
2. Corkscrew — pop corks like a pro    
3. Bar knife — simply slice and garnish   
4. Ice Scoop — chill out while you crack, scoop and strain   
5. Stirrer — what every mixologist can’t live without   
6. Zester — add citrus zing with this thing   
7. Strainer — keeps the riff raff out of your concoction   
8. Bottle opener — open up any bottled beverage with style
9. Hand juicer — enjoy fresh citrus minus the seeds
10. Muddler — clearly the way to crush fresh fruits and herbs

 Great Bar Gear