A Smokin’ Prevention Program

Chase Yakaboski

October is Fire Safety Prevention Month. When I was growing up, we looked to Smokey the Bear for all we needed to know about fire prevention and safety. Today, students in Okaloosa County can get hands-on education through live lessons, videos, demonstrations and re-enactments inside the snazzy Fire Safety House owned and operated by the Mary Esther Fire Department. The Fire House is mobile, so it can visit schools, public events and special events by request. Frank Matheny (pictured), assistant chief and a 27-year veteran of firefighting, says the time invested in transporting the “house” around the county is worth it. “If we can save one person through education and fire prevention, we are happy.” For more information on the Fire Safety House, contact Frank Matheny at (850) 243-5632.

Categories: Community Causes