A Glimpse at ?Goddess of the Ring?

Beverly Sassano traces a woman’s journey through a tragic event By Zandra Wolfgram

Destin’s Beverly Sassano, who has worked as a real estate agent for many years, didn’t set out to author a novel. But much like the main character in her first fictional novel, life sometimes has other plans for us.

Published under the pen name B. J. Bryant, Sassano’s first novel centers around Jolie O’Brian, a tenacious, yet tender-hearted Destin writer at a professional and financial crossroads. Jolie and two Destin gal pals venture to New York to shop her manuscript to big time publishers. While tasting the Big Apple, the trio is wined and dined by two businessmen who turn out to have unseemly intentions.

 Author Beverly Sassano takes in the view at AJ’s Seafood & Oyster Bar, just one of the local haunts that figures into her fictional novel. Photo by Scott Holstein

The inspiration for “Goddess of the Ring” came from a physical assault the author endured in 1996. She hopes the novel will help to make women of all ages more aware of the possible dangers in the world. Like her heroine, Sassano has prevailed through major life events. Though it took her nine years to complete this novel and another full year to get it published, the challenge of publishing empowered her and gave her “a real sense of personal satisfaction.”

Though Sassano doesn’t believe you ever get complete closure after an incident of this nature, she says it’s important to move forward. “One has to choose to integrate it into your life in positive ways, and for me that is writing,” she says.

Just off the press is Sassano’s second book, “The Adventures of Nani Choe Choe,” a children’s tale about making good choices based on the antics of a spirited Shih Tzu.

“Goddess of the Ring” is available for purchase at Amazon.com. The following is an excerpt from “Goddess of the Ring” published with the author’s permission.

Chapter 5
The fresh, Monday morning light poured in through the sliding glass doors, bringing a warm glow to the overstuffed down comforter that held me in its cocoon. I peered over the edge of the soft fabric taking in the full view of the day. It was still there. The balcony framed by the bluest sky. The white sand expanded forever.
Please dear God, please let me stay here.
I folded the covers back, so I could stretch my legs out and sat up. The tiny strap of my pink satin gown slid off my shoulder. With one hand, I pulled the strands of soft hair falling in my face up and flipped them to the side. I took in the vista that exposed itself so willingly every day. I walked over to the CD player and pushed the selection for Nancy Veldman. As the velvet piano music filled the room, I thought about the day I discovered the Magnolia House in Grayton Beach. What a peaceful little cottage, filled with treasures. That’s where I bought the music that talked to my soul. The lovely tones melted any sign of frown lines.