A Cool Cure

A Cool Cure Cryrotherapy is a hot new cold treatmentBy Angela Howard

Imagine standing in a machine that lowers your skin temperature to near freezing. Sounds like science fiction, right?  Well, it’s not. It’s cryotherapy.

If the word sounds foreign, it is. According to Wikipedia, cryotherapy comes from the Greek term cryo, meaning cold, and therapy, meaning cure. Now, this “cold cure” is available in our area.

“It looks a little like a space cabin, but it’s designed for cold therapy,” said Barbara Ochal, co-owner of Igloo Cryosauna in Miramar Beach. “It helps your body improve [your] immune system, muscle pain, joint pain. It picks up your energy. It helps with stress and releases stress.”

It’s even been featured by Dr. Oz, whose daily one-hour television show focuses on medical issues and personal health.

The technology was brought to the U.S. in 2008 by Millennium ICE. It’s designed to burn calories, boost endorphins and speed healing and has been used by athletes and average Joes alike. It’s likened to an ice bath but with one big difference.

“We use dry gas. Your body is not wet, you feel cool, not cold,” said Igloo co-owner Aga Guzik.

So hop in and give it a try. You may warm up to the idea of cooling down for your health.

  Cryrotherapy is a hot new cold treatment