Women’s Profiles: Regina K. Jaquess, Pharm. D.

Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy
Regina K. Jaquess

Regina Jaquess hasn’t always viewed herself as a mentor, but it’s a role she’s now readily and rightly settling in to. Jaquess is a trailblazer and record breaker as the owner of Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy and as a member of the U.S. water ski team.

Recently, Jaquess was featured on the cover of the University of Louisiana-Monroe’s pharmacy magazine in which she appeared as the subject of an alumni spotlight article. This honor caused Jaquess to reflect on all she’s been able to accomplish since her graduation from pharmacy school.

Twelve years ago, she became the founder, owner and pharmacist of Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy, which she opened in her hometown of Santa Rosa Beach. Emerald Coast Compounding Pharmacy is a retail pharmacy specializing in customized prescriptions related to bio-identical hormones, dermatology, veterinary care, pediatrics, general care and more.

In her water skiing career, she is a 10-time world champion and has set 13 world records. Five times, she was the international water ski athlete of the year. She has won more than 300 medals in international competitions. In 2022, she competed in the World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile.

Cc Pharm Coat Reg E1658761104546“I’m at a point where I feel very established in both of my careers,” Jaquess said. “I’ve had mentors in both my fields that have opened doors for me, and now I feel I’m in the position to give that mentorship back to others. Being a mentor, especially to young women, is such an honor and privilege.”

Jaquess believes there’s always room for growth and continued learning in both of her pursuits. Over the past two years, they merged unexpectedly to present a learning opportunity that was unfortunately caused by an ACL injury.

Being forced to sit out some major events in 2021, Jaquess took the opportunity to use her pharmacy background to enhance her water skiing career by delving into the area of pain management. Going through surgery and then experiencing topical pain management, Jaquess feels she not only improved her physical health, but is better able to help and relate to patients that come into the pharmacy.

“My professions don’t just coexist; they often collide,” Jaquess said. “I want women to know that just because your professions or passions are varied or vast or seem too big, you don’t have to compromise. You can do what you want, have what you want and achieve all your goals.”

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