Rock, Paper, Scissors — and Kids!

South Walton art studio offers an outlet for youthful creativity
Photo by Modus Photography

From the dozens of galleries dotted along Scenic Highway 30A and its endless art festivals, to the signature sculptures of Rosemary Beach and the bright murals of Seaside, it’s impossible not to notice art’s influence on South Walton.

But where there’s a multitude of artistic activities and attractions geared toward adults, Jessica Williams noticed a lack of creative avenues for children.

So she turned to her husband, Chandler, and said, “Let’s give them something to do.”

Opened in March of 2019, Rock Paper Scissors 30A is a creation studio in which children aged 3 and older participate in a variety of instructed, project-driven art sessions.

“I’ve always enjoyed being artistic and crafty,” says Jessica Williams. “I took some art classes in college but ended up being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, so I can entertain some kids! You get new groups in every day that are so fun, so it’s a perfect way to unite my passions.”

At this interview, Williams had just wrapped up class with her 3–5 age group. Atop a water-colored canvas, tots glued cardboard sharks amid waves of aqua-hued glass and shells. Making three-dimensional art with cardboard shapes, William says, is among their favorite crafts.

“The goal is to create projects you can’t simply do at your kitchen table with supplies you’d already have on hand,” she says. “It’s always something fun and always something messy, which they, of course, love.”

Class sizes vary per season but typically host around six children per session. Come summertime, when more staff is available, this will expand to around eight or 10.

“We’re very fortunate to employ elementary and preschool teachers during the summer when they’re off work,” Williams says. “We’re not looking for artists, we’re looking for someone who’s amazing with kids. Our teachers help run classes, monitor open studio time and are fantastic with each group.”

Photo by Modus Photography

Classes for children 6 and older last an hour and feature projects more detailed in scope and size. According to Williams, a class favorite is a craft in which book pages are layered in watercolor, shredded and mosaicked into a three-dimensional turtle shell.

“This year, it’s my goal to focus more our locals and offer progressive art classes,” says Williams. “Parents will tell me how much their child loves their school art classes, but they maybe get it twice a month. I’d love to offer supplementary classes, but it’s important I first find that teacher who is readily available and equipped with those skills.”

Until then, Rock, Paper Scissors offers open studio time, during which anyone can walk in, pick a project and work independently. Most of these are three-dimensional canvas projects, where participants may utilize glass, rocks, shells and stencils to construct their masterpiece.

After hours, the studio becomes a haven for ladies’ night. At just $40 per person, your friend group has complete access to two hours’ worth of studio time.

“We encourage our ladies to bring something to sip and snack,” says Williams. “You’ll have free reign of the entire studio, which often leads to these groups leaving with some things they’re really impressed to have made!”

Located in Grayton Beach, Rock, Paper, Scissors is nestled between Chandler Williams’ Modus Photography Studio and Hurricane Oyster Bar, which Williams says has been the studio’s main source of foot traffic. Because classes are instructed, parents are free to drop the kids and enjoy a drink or get in a workout at the adjacent Grayton Beach Fitness center.

“All of our classes are affordable, and they’re a great way to spend some one-on-one time with your kids or allow them to spend time independently,” says Williams. “Since we’ve been open, we’ve already had families who have visited on vacation say they want to come back again on their next visit. It’s special becoming part of a family’s tradition and providing our repeat customers with something fun and affordable.”

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Rock Paper Scissors 30A invites children, escorted by their parents, to attend scheduled classes or to pop in any time and leave with a “make it and take it” project. Hours of operation vary seasonally. Details are available at

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