Foods That Fight Pain

Household medicines may not be confined to a cabinet in your bathroom. Many are to be found in your kitchen. Foods including salmon and ginger, have long been known to relieve muscle pain and reduce inflammation and recent studies have found that coffee can alleviate headaches and sour cherries can diminish exercise-related soreness. These findings are especially interesting in light of the fact that foods and beverages traditionally thought of as purely pleasurable also have health benefits. Folks with a sweet tooth will be pleased to know that one cup of cranberry juice a day can help ward off stomach ulcers, while those with a spicier palate will delight in the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric (a curry spice) and the arthritis pain-reducing nature of hot peppers. The good news doesn’t stop there — the list of pain-relieving foods extends to everything from edamame to sage and more. Food that tastes as good as it is for you? Bon appétit to that!

You’ve heard of super foods. Studies show the “super duper” foods below are not only healthy, but like a super hero, have a special power … to heal. Here, we reveal fighting foods. Arm yourself and vanquish pain the natural way.

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