Get #InspiredEC

The first month of the New Year has come to a close and many of us have struggled to keep our New Year’s resolutions. Eating healthier, learning a new language or taking more time for ourselves are just some of the changes we’ve promised ourselves.

To help supply positive energy to people struggling with their new self-imposed challenges, Emerald Coast Magazine is launching a digital campaign that will supply the encouragement and inspiration needed to turn New Year’s resolutions into permanent lifestyle changes.

Getting involved is easy; simply post a picture of yourself sticking to your New Year’s resolution to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page and tag the campaign by using #inspiredEC.

Show us how you are reading extra 30 minutes a day, or taking time to meditate each night before bed. Maybe you’re trying to eat more vegetables and fewer snickerdoodles. Or you may be a new volunteer at a local charity. Your example can help inspire your fellow Emerald Coasters to accomplish their goals and do better by themselves and the community.

At the end of the year, all entries will be gathered and featured in a special blog on highlighting personal success stories. Emerald Coasters who participated can then interact with others and share how they were a part of something grand. Perhaps all of this will lead you to confidently take on an even bigger resolution in 2017.