The Blessing of Feeling

Within each life, some branches must fall, but we must carry on
Bradley Copeland Postscript Art

To grow and fulfill our purpose here on Earth, we simply must listen to and take care of our souls. Our souls are our blueprints for life, and love and joy are our navigation systems.

The gift of feeling and experiencing this love and joy on a level much brighter than survival proposes is truly a blessing, but it could not exist without the burden of pain and sorrow.

It is in these low moments that we must remind ourselves of the trees that do not shed tears over lost leaves or branches. They do not mourn their neighbors. They do not fear the weather, no matter how treacherous it becomes. They simply exist and accept and give and receive.

That is not to suggest that we as feeling and sensitive humans should stiffen our emotions. No, we should revel in the fact that we are capable of having them. They are a gift, the good and the bad. They serve us as guidance systems.

Everything happens for a reason, and that is so much more obvious when we imitate Nature and simply allow storms to pass and branches to fall without submitting to fear.

When negative emotions present themselves to you, feel them. Embrace your humanity. Identify the feeling, and have at least an ounce of gratitude for all of the happiness and peace of the past and the future. Be grateful that this feeling now and moments like it allow you to feel.

Learn from the feeling — correct it in any way you can. If that is completely impossible, hunker down and know the feeling will pass and that it serves a purpose like everything in this magically intricate and symbiotic universe — even if that purpose is never made clear to you or is revealed much later in life. Nevertheless, you must continue to grow.

To dwell is to die.

God made each unique soul like he designed each tree — to serve a purpose, all seamlessly interrelated. Our consciousness allows us to experience God’s spirit and this magical system. So, to serve our god, we must serve our souls. That is the god piece in all of us, and it is fed and nourished with love.

The rapidly emerging artist Bradley Copeland is a furious journaler. Emerald Coast Magazine executive editor Steve Bornhoft asked her to share a favorite passage from one of her notebooks.

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