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Scent of ParadiseSt. Johns Introduces a Line of Bay-Rum-Inspired Tropical Fragrances for Men and Women

By Erica Spivey

It’s hard to believe the tradition of St. Johns Bay Rum fragrances dates back to Christopher Columbus. Celebrating its 60th anniversary, St. Johns is offering a premium line of tropical fragrances with exotic aromas for men and women.

The unique characteristics of the Caribbean, complete with lush bay trees, fresh sea air and a tropical climate, all combine to produce the finest bay rum in the world. Imported directly from the Virgin Islands, the cologne, fragrances, aftershave, lotions and soap are sure to take you to paradise with just one sniff.

The exotic bay trees that grow only on the island of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, contribute to the superior quality of the fragrances. The fragrances are produced through the distillation of bay leaf oil and rum, combined with heavenly, tropical aromas. Each bottle is hand-woven using natural dried tyre palms and features a distinctive label authenticating its Virgin Island heritage.

St. Johns Bay Rum fragrances are ideal for a traveler, a lover of tropical destinations or anyone with an admiration for things exotic and exquisite. With exotic aromas, a rich history and the trademark hand-woven bottle design, each fragrance is an experience of paradise.

Being a resident of another place many of us like to refer to as paradise – the Emerald Coast – I enjoyed my experience test-driving the array of fragrances from the St. Johns collection. As for my favorite scent, J’Ouvert closely matched its product description – “light, lively, lovely.”

There are many distinct fragrances to choose from, with infusions of exotic fruit, spices, crisp woods and wildflowers. All fragrances are available in a variety of sizes and also as gift sets, with prices ranging from $25 to $82, depending on the size.

To purchase, visit stjohnsbayrum.com or call (800) 422-9786.


Emerald Coast Magazine writer Erica Spivey catches the scent of a new line of St. Johns fragrances.


St. Johns Bay Rum – A beautiful marriage of orange peel, pimiento and exotic spices creates a masculine, tropical aroma. Available as a pure cologne, spray, balm, soap or gift set.

West Indian Lime – Fresh limes, ripened in the Caribbean sun and blended with crisp woods and spices, make a soothing, stimulating yet subtle accent. Available as a cologne, aftershave spray, balm, soap or gift set.

St. Johns Island Spice – A unique blend of hearty Caribbean oils and spices gives this cologne its strong masculine and distinctive personality. The spicy heart notes of tropical essence combine harmoniously with the woody, yet fresh, touches to give Island Spice the sophisticated and seductive appeal of a tropical paradise. Available as a cologne or spray.

St. Johns Indian Gold – A rich scent, heavy with the fragrance of Oriental spices, first introduced to the Western world by Marco Polo. Modernized by St. Johns to stimulate the senses of today’s man. Available as a cologne or spray.

St. Johns Cutlass – Only the Virgin Islands climate can produce the fresh spices and rich oils that result in this tangy aroma. Very masculine, very assertive. Available as a cologne or spray.


Lime & Floral – This aroma combines the delicate scent of Caribbean wildflowers with a hint of sun-ripened limes. The perfect scent for the woman who has a taste for tradition with a frankly feminine flavor. Available in a cologne, spray or gift set.

J’Ouvert – A dewy, fresh fragrance that blends the beautiful scents of West Indian wildflowers. Light, lively, lovely. Available as a perfume, spray, lotion or gift set.