Teak & Twine is All Hart

Lawrence Davidson

When 29-year-old Air Force captain Torrance Hart planned her wedding for the spring of 2015, she felt it particularly important to find the perfect expression of gratitude for everyone who had traveled great distances from all over the world to share in the celebration. She scoured the worldwide web, but found nothing that quite hit the mark and so set about handcrafting her very own gift boxes. Each contained a carefully curated collection of unique items that fit the wedding’s theme and paid homage to the city of the couple’s meeting, Washington, D.C. And, as it happened, the boxes gave to their creator, supplying her with inspiration for a customizable gift business — Teak & Twine (teakandtwine.com). Once Torrance separates from the military at the end of 2015, she plans to make her charming new company her sole focus. Portions of each gift box purchase are donated to America’s Vet Dogs to raise and train service dogs for disabled veterans. “Our tagline is ‘gratitude changes everything,’” says Torrance. “Gratitude will strengthen your relationships and bring incredible satisfaction and happiness.”

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