I Like to Move It

I Like to Move ItAround, Out, Up, Down … and Onward  By Zandra Wolfgram

When King Julian, the lemur leader in the movie “Madagascar,” starts to bust out his dance moves on a cliff ledge while rhythmically chanting, “I like to move it, move it,” his furry followers respond with a collective: “Move it!” Madagascar or no, when your feet are dancing, it’s hard for your heart or head to be anywhere but in a happy place.

What’s not in a happy place is my fitness routine. Many days it feels more like a rut. This on again-off again cycle summons absolutely no sympathy from my fit, motivated husband who works out without complaint in the bathroom. He does not require a gym membership or even gym clothes. The only words of support I get from this military-trained soldier are: “It’s simple. Just move it.” 

For me, the only thing more stressful than working out is moving; as in out of your home and hearth. This type of move is a commitment. Once you set a date for the big moving truck to block your driveway, there’s no turning back.

Apparently, there is a science to moving. Moving out requires you to estimate how much “stuff” you possess — measured either by pounds or number of rooms.

There is also a cost. Moving across town typically costs less than moving across the country, unless, of course, you hire a national company for a local move. Then, you may as well move straight into the poor house.

After you’ve done your best impression of “Clean Sweep” and have sorted your stuff into categories of “toss,” “keep” or “sell,” you will need to determine if your remaining stuff requires one moving truck or two, two men or four. Beware: the movers won’t move anything perishable, fragile or living. So, Aunt Martha’s fruit cake, that Tiffany lamp and Fred the goldfish are a no go.

When you move, you need to update your address. This way, bills, junk mail and mothers-in-law can quickly locate you. This requires a visit to the post office. One pre-stamped postcard is all it takes to uproot your entire family; change your zip code; rid yourself of nosey neighbors; and send your Facebook page into a frenzy.

Changing jobs is often considered “a career move.” Some want to move up the corporate ladder, while others are eager to ditch their 9-to-5 gig and its big title, salary and stress for a little flexibility, independence and balance. In this economy, many folks are happy to make a lateral move. Either way, you just hope your career choice isn’t a bad move. 

An employer once gave me a book called “Who Moved My Cheese?” It is a simple story about dealing with change. The main characters live in a maze and look for cheese to make them happy. The “cheese” is a metaphor for what you want to have in life: a good job, a satisfying relationship, peace of mind, etc. “The maze” is the organization you work in, or the family or community in which you live. According to author Spencer Johnson, if you navigate change well, you will be successful and happy — essentially a “big cheese.” However, if you worry about someone “moving your cheese,” you are doomed to an unhappy, unsuccessful cheese-less life.    

As I try to get my fitness routine in motion, settle into a new home and take on the challenge of a new job, I’m hoping to move into a great new groove. Whatever changes are taking place in your life, here’s to moving onward. It’s simple: just move it, smile and say, “Cheese!”