Professional Profiles: Call Now Doctors

Rachel Smith, NP

Whether you are sick or healthy, the last place you want to be is in a waiting room. Call Now Doctors provides a variety of medical services to keep you out of urgent care or the emergency room.

The business was started by a group of local health care professionals with over 90 years of experience seeking alternatives to long wait times at the doctor’s office and to stop the spread of contagious diseases from overcrowded waiting rooms.

A local philanthropist partnered with these medical professionals to complete the vision with telemedicine, as this  proved to be a more convenient method of receiving health care.

As a viable solution, Call Now Doctors offers both virtual and concierge services to provide a variety of treatments in the comfort of wherever you are — from home to your work office. Telemedicine can be conducted over video chat, and remote visits are just as efficient with the use of Medpod technology. Virtual Medicine is available to ALL Florida residents and visitors for their urgent care needs, such as medicine refills, treating upper respiratory infections and so much more.

Health care providers can gather essential medical information and make a diagnosis without patients stepping foot in a doctor’s office. Where most medical offices close at 5 p.m., Call Now Doctors provides care and treatment until 8 p.m.

Without the waiting room hassle, our patients (residents and visitors) can avoid the added discomfort of wasted time and prevent missing work or events because their physician is running behind. The highly experienced staff unites with the goal of keeping medical treatment stress-free, affordable, convenient and user-friendly. For a limited time, Call Now Doctors is offering initial visits for only $35. Comfort and care are only a call away.

Call Now Doctors  11490 Emerald Coast Parkway, Suite 301, Miramar Beach
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