8 Ways to Renew Your Best You

8 Ways to Renew Your Best You By Zandra Wolfgram

What makes you feel happy? Maybe a brand new lipstick puts a blush in your cheek, or spinning your entire collection of vinyl records puts a song in your heart. Emerald Coast Magazine wants you to step into the New Year in the best version of you possible. But you don’t have to wait for the calendar to turn a new page. To get you started, we’ve gathered surefire ways to renew your spirit today. Give one a try or work your way down the list … it’s totally up to you.

  1. Getting a fresh start doesn’t have to mean tossing out the old entirely. Artist Mary Kay Samouce, who owns Adorn Jewelry Ah’ New, will help you remake the oldies you adore. Gather your favorite pieces and unique finds such as vintage keys, old coins and charms and allow Samouce to update them into a one-of-a-kind treasure.
  2. When you are up in the gym workin’ on your fitness, reward yourself with some good-for-you gear. Pick up a pedometer; fan a fitness blog or sign up for a subscription to a fitness publication that really gets you going. If your workout routine has a case of the blahs, try out a trial membership at a new gym, buy a fitness DVD or register for a beach boot camp class. Whatever it is that puts a spring in your step, this year, make a resolution to move it to lose it.
  3. Grab the New Year by the tale. Crack open a brand new book and let your adventure begin. Whether you consult the New York Times bestseller list, Oprah’s Book Club or Amazon.com, why not check off something from that list of must-reads today?
  4. Glamour is in the bag as far as Liz Hamrick is concerned. Known for her unique, handmade handbag line called Bizzy Lizzy based in Pensacola, Hamrick will allow you to relive your wedding day again and again by making a keepsake handbag out of the fabric of your gown. Not only will it be a work of art, but you will be able to rekindle the magic of your special day every time you carry your special bag.
  5. Life is full of daily lessons. Still, isn’t there something you’ve always wanted to try? Treat yourself to the joy of learning something new and sign up for a cooking class, painting workshop or dance lesson. Buy a foreign language CD, take up a musical instrument or jump out of your comfort zone into a swimming lesson. The only thing lost in the process will be your lack of self confidence.
  6. The recipe for a happy life definitely calls for heaping helpings of great food. Dust off your mother’s recipe box and reinvent one of her famous creations. Ask a friend over and bake something yummy together. Or whip up something sensational from your favorite cookbook, food magazine or blog du jour. Don’t forget to add a dash of fun … that always takes the cake.
  7. Sometimes it’s good to be a charity case. Make a point this year to give of your time to a worthy charity and give generously. They say, “Pretty is as pretty does.” When you donate your time, you’ll surely feel beautiful inside and out.
  8. Take some well-deserved time out for a “me” day and fill it with your favorites. Browse flea markets and bookstores. Quietly record your thoughts in a journal or your favorite “guilty pleasure” show on TiVo. Treat yourself to a nap; dip into a bubble bath or a yummy tub of ice cream — or all of the above! Whatever you choose to do, with a little self-TLC this year you’ll debut an even better version of you.