Why Do People Travel To Destin?

Better technology, a superior surgeon experience and better outcomes.
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It’s often said that the only thing that changes in human history is technology. But isn’t it wonderful that technology does change? Improvements in technology have given us more free time, unparalleled improvement in our standard of living and the ability to do our jobs and perform functions with greater accuracy.

As a practicing surgeon and a former scientist, I’ve always enjoyed innovative technology and applying it to improve surgical outcomes.

While in my general surgery training at LSU, fiber-optic technology was introduced to surgery. This was a real innovation for surgery. One, the incisions were made smaller, which decreased the pain after surgery. Two, the operative field was magnified on the screen to allow better visualization for a more precise and accurate procedure. I was a part of the first group of surgeons in the country to learn these techniques.

When I started my plastic surgery fellowship at the University of Florida, I wanted to transfer the procedures and techniques I had learned in my general surgery training to plastic surgery. There were several other plastic surgeons in training that had similar ideas. Instrumentation was being developed across the country and used in labs to perfect the techniques.

In the fall of 1994, I performed the first endoscopic breast augmentation at the University of Florida and one of the first in the state of Florida. Utilizing this new technology, we quickly found that we could visualize the surgical field much better, we could place the implant precisely and accurately, the patients had less postoperative pain and the scar was in a very remote position. The technique was thus named “The No Scar on the Breast” procedure.

After establishing Destin Plastic Surgery in 1995, I began utilizing these techniques in my private practice. The results were very good, and my reputation spread over the panhandle of Florida, lower Alabama and southern Georgia. As time passed, patients were kind enough to recommend me, and I soon had new patients visiting me from both coasts, Canada and overseas.

Nearly 20 years later, I have performed over 5,000 endoscopic procedures. This has given me the experience to present papers regionally and internationally regarding the technique. I have also been able to develop unique applications and the ability to do revisions utilizing the fiber-optic technology.

In addition to my experience with fiber-optic technology and applying it to breast augmentation, the operating room staff that assists me also has significant experience with breast augmentation. Our anesthesia, nursing and surgical assistant staff all have significant experience with the procedure. This is very important. You want your anesthesiologist to be very familiar with the procedure and understand the nuances of the pain management. You want your nurses to be familiar with the procedure so that they can put you at ease and let you understand that you are in able hands. You want your surgical assistants to be experienced so that they can help the surgeon perform a safe procedure and deliver good outcomes.

As an adjunct study investigator, I had the opportunity to apply the endoscopic techniques for placement of silicone implants many years before the silicone implants were returned to the market. This gave me superior experience to analyze the breasts and place silicone implants with less trauma to the body — often in just 20 to 30 minutes.

I have incorporated 3D imaging into our practice to allow for precise breast analysis and implant selection to help us plan the surgeries. The combination of 3D technology to improve the preoperative planning, the incorporation of fiber-optic technology to improve the placement of the implant with a smaller incision, the experience of the surgeon and the Destin Surgery Center staff, and of course, the high patient satisfaction has given patients a reason to travel to Destin for their surgery.

Why do people travel to Destin?

Better technology, a superior surgeon experience and better outcomes.

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