Dr. Burden Wrote the Book on Hidden-Scar Breast Augmentation

Dr. Burden Wrote the Book on Hidden-Scar Breast Augmentation


Dr. William Burden literally wrote the book on his pioneering augmentation procedure. His book —  “Breast Augmentation With No Scar On The Breast” — reached the Amazon Bestseller List and was listed at No. 1 among all plastic surgery books and also as the No. 1 Hot New Release in multiple categories.

In his book, Dr. Burden discusses the “No Scar On The Breast” technique and provides information about breast augmentation options. Burden provides background on researching this new approach to breast augmentation surgery, such as using fiber optics that allow for a smaller incision and accurate implant placement.

“In my experience,” Dr. Burden says, “women are not as satisfied with their breast augmentation result when they are left with an undesirable scar on or underneath their breasts; however, when the scar is in the underarm area, they rarely comment on the scar since the scar is well hidden.”

His overview of the many options available for breast augmentation are covered in an easy to read Q&A format. Topics include: choice of incision location, implant placement, implant types, use of 3-D imaging to help visualize the expected outcome, and how to select a plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation procedure.

According to Dr. Burden, many women don’t realize all of the various options and decisions that will need to be made in order to achieve their ideal breast shape and size.

“Breast Augmentation With No Scar On The Breast” is available on Amazon in an e-book version. A paperback version is also available.