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Getaway to Savannah October - November 2017

Getaway to Savannah

America’s Most Haunted is a city built upon bones.

A Ridge Above The Rest August - September 2017

A Ridge Above The Rest

Laurel Ridge enlivens the senses and heightens recreation

Pitigliano August - September 2017


In the hill towns of Italy, time is as fluid as wine.

Ahoy Mate! February - March 2017

Ahoy Mate!

Pirate ships invade the shores of the coast.

Tour De France December - January 2016

Tour De France

Departing the City of Lights, a couple, fueled by wine, explores the French countryside.

Ethiopia on My Mind August - September 2016

Ethiopia on My Mind

Join us as we visit an African nation that presents a study in stark contrasts. Ethiopia is home to burgeoning cities and traditional thatched-hut villages.

A Land of Green and Gold June - July 2016

A Land of Green and Gold

Green Bay offers great lake, great food and storied franchise

Iberian Fancies April - May 2016

Iberian Fancies

Flamenco, fado and fighting bulls