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Painting With Purpose June - July 2017

Painting With Purpose

Krista Schumacher paints a message.

This Boots Was Made for Writin’ June - July 2017

This Boots Was Made for Writin’

Boots Hensel turns tragedy into inspiring tales.

The Show Goes On June - July 2017

The Show Goes On

Pensacola Little Theatre isn’t so little anymore!

Dropping Beats June - July 2017

Dropping Beats

DJ Vladi turns up tunes along the coast.

Dear Prudence February - March 2017

Dear Prudence

Meet the woman behind the words of The Beatles’ song.

En Pointe February - March 2017

En Pointe

Ballerina Dorothy Lister keeps audiences on their toes.

Watercolor Wonders February - March 2017

Watercolor Wonders

Paul Brent paints, from canvas to home decor.

Bedtime Story February - March 2017

Bedtime Story

Anna Theriault talks about her book, “Goodnight Pensacola.”

Yuletide Literature  December - January 2016

Yuletide Literature

Stories that always bear re-reading

Staging Classics  December - January 2016

Staging Classics

Players bring your favorite holiday scenes to life.