Have Style, Will Travel

Itinerant stylist returns home to Pensacola

Cheryl Casey

Eddie Parsons is a style storyteller imparting his fashion knowledge from Pensacola to Paris.

For Eddie Parsons, fashion isn’t merely a job; it’s his way of life. And, at 45 years old, Eddie has enough experience and enough international travel under his perfectly coordinated belt to keep blog pages full of insider tips, tricks and up-to-the-minute info on what’s in or out. 

It’s a head-spinning life he’s led, to be sure. Parsons set out from his hometown of Pensacola to pursue a career in fashion that has since taken him all over the world, working for design houses whose names regularly grace the pages of Vogue and WWD and then, by chance, meeting the famed publisher of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, in a dressing room.

Always a creative at heart, he offered her a bit of sartorial advice and pitched an idea he had been toying with, neatly landing himself a blogging gig for her highly regarded cultural news site.

“She told me to go home and write down the concept that I had explained, and then the words just started to flow,” Parsons recalls. “I don’t really consider myself a writer — but a storyteller? Definitely.”

His stories are many, given the time he has spent in New York, London, and Paris, experiencing the very fabric of the fashion world. It is fitting, perhaps, that with a last name like Parsons — a name so deeply woven into the history of fashion — Eddie would find inspiration in that world.

Cheryl Casey

“For me, fashion has always been a way of storytelling, even as a kid,” he explains. “I grew up as a Navy brat, constantly moving around with my father’s job, so I was always the new guy. Fashion was really a way for me to get past all of that, because I could express myself and show my personality right away, even before I had a conversation with anyone.” 

A self-proclaimed student of life — and the mall — Parsons has never had formal education in fashion, but one look at his resume proves that his lack of schooling has hardly held him back. Threaded to his core with an intuition about style, his talent for self-expression, balanced with an understanding of well-chosen pieces, has served him well throughout his life, taking him through all manner of situations with well-dressed ease.

“I’ve been able to navigate all sections of society by what I wear,” he offers simply. And those sections of society are easily as varied as the kaleidoscopic colors that glide down Alexander McQueen’s fantastic runways at Fashion Week.  

Despite his travels, Parsons has retained a fondness for Pensacola, and he came in off the road to move back to the city where he was born. Now, launching a career as a wardrobe stylist and independent consultant for start-up businesses, he lends his creativity, talent, and expertise to emerging entrepreneurs, emulating the very same eye for untapped potential that took him from being a de facto dressing room advisor to a deep friendship with the “Huff.”

“She’s changed my life in many ways,” Parsons reflects. “The most inspirational moment, though, was when she told me to sit at her desk and then explained to me that it was in that exact spot that she had the idea for The Huffington Post at the age of 55. There’s always time to start something new.”

For Eddie Parsons, that something new is starting now. 

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